Auto Accident Lawyers May be Able to Assist Families Recover from Expensive Medical Bills


All you want to do is share your news with the community. Your son’s best friend was in a severe motorcycle accident last week. It happened when the driver of an SUV failed to yield and struck the motorcyclist. The accident was the driver’s fault and now your son’s good buddy is trying to heal and recover from his horrible crash. At the very least, he will be at the local trauma center for two weeks.
The injured motorcyclist is married and has a three year old son. He’s the best guy in the world, and, unfortunately, sometimes horrible things happen to great people. It is important for you to ask drivers to be be safe when they are driving or riding. You would also wish that more people would be aware of motorcycles and put their phones down. No phone call or text is worth the life of a motorcyclist.
Studies indicate that the average amount of times your eyes are off the road while texting is five seconds. And while this may seen like a short amount of time, drivers who are traveling at 55mph, those five seconds are enough time to cover the length of a football field.
Distracted Driving Causes 16% of All Fatal Car Crashes
At any given daylight minute anywhere in America, as many as 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while they are driving. And while the greatest number of fatal car crash fatalities are caused by drunk driving, distracted driving also causes significant loss of life. Consider the following statistics about fatal car accidents:

  • 32% are from drunk driving
  • 31% are from speeding
  • 16% are from distraction
  • 11% are from weather

Families who lose loved ones to the hazardous driving of others often face years of medical expenses and rehabilitative therapies. And while insurance will cover some of these costs, many families find that they often need the assistance of attorneys to help them get the money they need to cover these medical bills.
Attorneys can help these families more successfully get the results they want from auto accident claims. Likewise, an injury attorney may be able to help families understand and anticipate the future medical and therapy needs of their injured loved one.