Behind Drunk Driving

From prostitution lawyers to DUI lawyers, the legal profession has always been a busy one. The need for legal consult is frequent, and has many causes. If you feel that you are in need of the consultation of a lawyer, be it from prostitution lawyers or otherwise, it is important to seek out a law firm with experience as well as a successful track record. Choosing a lawyer can be difficult, but a competent lawyer can help you to figure out your plan of action, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant.

Prostitution lawyers do a lot of work all throughout the United States in legal cases regarding prostitution. For women and even men who have been arrested for charges of prostitution and other such related crimes, prostitution lawyers can help to either prove their innocence or reduce the charges laid upon them. This is a particularly important line of law work, as prostitution cases are many throughout various parts of the country, with more than forty thousand women alone arrested on prostitution related charges in 2010. Men are not unaffected by this line of sex work as well, with nearly twenty thousand arrested in that same year. Soliciting sex is also a crime, leading to more than eighty thousand arrests made to the general population of the United States.

But prostitution lawyers are not the only popularly used type of lawyer in the United States. Personal injury lawyers too find themselves busy and with large caseloads. The majority – more than fifty percent – of all personal injury cases are related to car accidents, of which there are around six million of on United States soil in the time span of just one year and more than thirty thousand fatalities. These accidents can result in severe injury and even loss of life, and many of them occur because of preventable causes. If one of the drivers is found to be at fault and liable, the victim of the accident is typically able to collect a significant amount of settlement money, which can be determined by a personal injury attorney.

One such preventable cause of car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents in the United States is that of drunk driving or driving under the influence, which results in around twenty percent of car accidents. Unfortunately, drunk driving is all to common and can easily lead to tragedy, with more than three hundred thousand intoxicated people taking to the road and driving on a daily basis. For the typical drunk driving incident, it is not uncommon to drive drunk upwards of eighty times before first being pulled over and charged with a DUI or DUII. This means that in the intervening eighty times and incidents of drunk driving, it is far too likely that an accident will occur that results in the tragic loss of life.

Distracted driving is another cause of preventable car accidents alongside drunk driving. With the widespread use of cell phones and other electronic devices, it has become all too easy to get distracted while behind the wheel and on the road. In fact, more than six hundred thousand people are driving while distracted at any given moment in the United States alone. Though rates of distracted driving have dropped slightly in the last few years, by about half of a percent, there is still much more work that needs to be done to eradicate distracted driving completely.

From prostitution lawyers to personal injury lawyers, the legal world is busy pretty much at all times. If you find yourself in legal trouble or the victim of a situation such as a preventable car accident caused by drunk driving, it is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible.