Consider These 3 Things Before You Rule Out Getting a DUI Attorney

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Have you recently been pulled over for an OVI in the state of Ohio? You’re not alone. Over 1.1 million people, or one in every seven licensed drivers, in Ohio have at least one conviction for driving while impaired. Between drivers license suspensions and court procedures, the process can be confusing and frustrating. As a result, many opt to represent themselves in court, but this isn’t always the best option. Finding a good lawyer, or more specifically a dui attorney, from a criminal defense firm can make all of the difference in the outcome of your case. Consider these three things before you decide to against getting a dui attorney to represent yourself.

  1. Even One OVI Can Have Serious Consequences
  2. Once you’ve been charged with a DUI/OVI, even if it’s your first, your actions can greatly affect your future. A conviction of DUI in Ohio can result in anywhere from three days to six months of jail time and a license suspension for anywhere from six months to three years. Your first DUI offense in Ohio typically requires you to pay a license reinstatment fee of $450 and can result in up to six points on your license. Plus, if you are then convicted of an OVI, you may have to pay a fine ranging from $250 to $1000. An OVI conviction leaves you with a tarnished criminal record, which could in turn affect your employment, ability to obtain loans and overall future opportunities.

  3. You Still Have Options Even if You’ve Been Charged
  4. Just because you’ve been pulled over and charged with a DUI/OVI doesn’t mean your conviction is set in stone. In fact, even if you’ve submitted to a blood alcohol content test, you may still be able to challenge the results. The accuracy of those or breathalyzer and urine tests can be questioned if they weren’t administered properly, meaning they could become potentially inadmissible in court. The police officer’s decision to pull you over can sometimes even be called into question. An officer simply cannot pull you over without probable cause, meaning unless there is evidence to confirm you were driving suspiciously.

  5. Wrongful Convictions Happen
  6. The justice system, like any man-made design, is flawed. This means that wrongful convictions do happen. Illegal search and seizures, false representation, and even wrongful DUI convictions are a reality. According to a survey of judges, prosecutors, public defenders, sheriffs and police 10,000 people in the U.S. may be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes each year. Don’t let yourself unjustly become one of those 68 million people living with a criminal record.

Just because you’ve been pulled over and charged with a dui or ovi in the state of Ohio does not mean you have to take any conviction that comes your way. Arming yourself with a dui attorney who understands state dui laws is key to successfully dealing with this charge. Choose a dui attorney you trust to make this difficult charge as smooth to deal with as possible.