How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Get a Case Dismissed

You would love to get your criminal case dismissed. If you have a good lawyer and a good case, you may have a shot at getting your case dismissed. Jamahl Kersey of Kersey Law describes how a criminal defense attorney can get your case dismissed.

Prosecutors have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt in order to find you guilty.

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A good criminal defense lawyer can prove to the prosecutor that proof beyond a reasonable doubt can never be reached. The defense attorney reviews the prosecutor’s case, then pokes holes in it. If the evidence is circumstantial or shaky, then a criminal defense lawyer can sometimes prove that there is no clear evidence connecting you as the perpetrator of the crime.

Criminal defense lawyers can also file motions to have the prosecutor’s evidence suppressed. This happens if evidence was illegally obtained. Suppose your home was searched and there was not a search warrant issued. This would be a key reason to file a motion to suppress evidence found in your home.If a key witness is proven before the trial to have credibility issues, this can also be a reason to file a motion to dismiss.

Your attorney may hire an investigator to find evidence that contradicts the prosecutor’s evidence. If this new evidence is strong enough, then that can lead to your case being dismissed.