Lawyers Study Legal Business so that Their Clients Do Not Have to Worry about It

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Two very old and very noble professions can claim to be the oldest professions in the world. The first of these professions is prostitution, which has existed since prehistoric times. However, this article will not address prostitution in great depth; for information about this very old and very noble (or not so noble) profession, readers are advised to consult other websites and blogs which can be found all over the internet.

Instead, this article will address another very old and very noble profession. The profession of which I speak is none other than the profession which is commonly called “lawyer.” Lawyers have existed ever since human beings decided to codify their laws and write them down on large pieces of parchment or in thick and dusty law books. It should be obvious why people started to become lawyers at this historical moment, but for the sake of clarity this article will outline some of the facts as they are known at the present moment.

The average person who worked an eight, ten, or even a 12 hour day toiling away in the fields or in the sawmill simply did not have enough time or enough energy to pour over and pour through vast pieces of parchment or thick and dusty law books which contained case studies, legal precedents, and online legal business news. If they tried to do that, they would shorten their already miserable lives by at least ten or 20 years.

Instead of studying the law by themselves, these people hired lawyers who could master the ins and the outs of the law and legal businesses. These lawyers rarely worked tough physical and menial jobs in the strawberry fields or flour mills. Instead of working these tough physical and menial jobs, these lawyers spend anywhere between three years and ten years pouring through dusty and old law books which contain valuable information about case studies, legal news, and other legal business. In other words, these lawyers are paid to study legal business so that their clients do not have to study legal business.

After they have spent enough time in school mastering this legal business, lawyers are permitted to take the bar examination which permits them to practice legal business in their home state. At this point, lawyers can begin to represent clients and their legal business in courts which specialize in legal business. These court proceedings move through several distinct steps. First, the lawyers file their claim with the court. Second, they approach the bench and argue their case which concerns legal business before the judge and the jury. Third, the judge and the jury convene to discuss the legal business and to decide how to rule on the legal business. Finally, they pass their ruling. If the lawyer disagrees with the ruling, the lawyer can file an appeal and argue his case in front of another judge and jury.

Lawyers typically take out a lot of money in loans in order to attend law school in order to study and master this legal business. However, to make up for these debts, lawyers typically make hundreds of thousands of dollars to study and master this legal business.