Should You Mediate Your Divorce? Explained

Unfortunately, there are divorces that take place across the United States every single week. Recent data suggests that only half of all marriages have a real chance to last. Now, there is a lot of nuances that go into what separates a successful marriage from a marriage that ends in divorce. As a result, it is hard to know should you mediate your divorce or not?

Anyone that has gone to college has a 13% less chance of getting a divorce. Furthermore, couples that have children are 40% less likely to get a divorce as opposed to couples without children. So in some cases, a divorce is circumstantial which can potentially lead to mediation. Therefore, it is hard to understand whether you should you mediate your divorce or not.

If you are dealing with a divorce and want an easy process then mediation services may be best for your situation. Mediation for divorces is intended to make things much easier for all parties involved. So here are facts on should you mediate your divorce?

What Is Mediation?

In the United States, the cost of a divorce varies from $15,000 to about $42,500. As a result, it is easy to see that divorces are expensive, to say the least. However, mediation is going to be a less pricey process and will not have to involve a series of hearings. But not everyone is cued on in just what mediation is and how to know about when should you mediate your divorce?

Simply put, the mediation process involves divorcees to hire a third party, referred to as a mediator. The mediator has one goal and that is to help both parties get the best possible outcome. As a result, a lot of Americans will look to a mediator during the divorce process. that way, they can avoid a long legal proceeding and can instead settle everything outside of court.

Due to the fact that a mediator is a third party, they will not play favorites. So both parties involved in the divorce will be treated as equals and will receive an even portion of assets and money in the divorce settlement. As a result, American divorcees are going to want to know should you mediate your divorce or not early on in the process. It can save time, money, efforts, and emotions as well.

Should You Mediate Your Divorce Or Not?

This is where things can get tricky and will truly depend on the details of each and every divorce situation. First and foremost, it is important to think about the cause of the divorce situation. Sufferers of domestic violence should be wary of wanting to mediate their divorce. After all, domestic violence is unacceptable and this should not be handled on an even level playing field.

Most people who decide they want to mediate their divorce are dealing with the process in a mature manner. Unfortunately, there are so many children that get wrapped up in divorce court proceedings. This is really hard for a child to endure and thus many people are going to decide to go forward with mediating a divorce. As a result, couples will avoid dealing with a court hearing and long, lengthy court dates. The mediation process is easy and everyone is treated fairly all throughout.

In Conclusion

Going through a divorce is not easy. As a matter of fact, for some people, it is one of the hardest situations to go through. In most cases, this pain comes from the root and base of the divorce. As a result, people need to know that this is what they should decide if should you mediate your divorce or not. Mediation is bets recommended for divorces that are agreed upon rather than one person looking to get away from a relationship.