Taking A Look At Common Crimes Here In The United States

Crime is certainly not uncommon in many parts of this country. In fact, crime is more commonplace than many people might think, though the typical federal crime lawyer will be well aware of just how often crime occurs without anyone really noticing it. Aside from your average federal crime lawyer, the typical white collar crime attorney is likely to have much experience on this subject as well, as should the average sex crime lawyer.

After all, sex crimes charges, which can be dealt with by a sex crimes defense lawyer or even a federal crime lawyer, depending on how the case is handled, are considerably higher than many people would realize. In fact, as many as 80,000 people are arrested for prostitution alone over the course of just one single year here in the United States. Not just prostitutes are included in this number, but their Johns and pimps as well, the men who solicit and sell these women’s bodies for money. In addition to this, even more people are arrested on a yearly basis for seeking the services of such people.

Rape cases also fall under the heading of sex crime cases, though unfortunately it is estimated that only around half of all rapes will be reported and will lead to arrests. In fact, many a rape goes unreported, often due to the stigma that can come with being a rape victim here in the United States. In many cases, it is even harder to get a conviction in a rape case, especially if the rape or other such sexual assault is reported considerably after the fact, past the point when DNA evidence could have potentially been gained.

Many women fear, for instance, that they will be accused of making false accusations, as is so very often the case. However, while false accusations do sometimes happen, they are far less common than actual true reports made by rape victims. In fact, cases of false accusations are estimated to make up no more than 10% of all reported rapes and sexual assaults here in the United States. Some data even puts the frequency of false reports of rape and sexual abuse as low as 2%.

Fortunately, sex offender registries have made it easier to identify who might be dangerous to a community, both to the women and children within it. While sex offender registration laws are now commonplace, it was actually first the state of California that put them into place, requiring sex offenders to identify themselves when moving from place to place. This law has been in place, at least in California, since the year of 1947.

There are other types of crimes prevalent in the world as we know it, as any and every federal crime lawyer is likely to be well aware of. For instance, a federal crime lawyer is likely to deal with cases of embezzlement, which are more common than one might think. And, as a typical federal crime lawyer is likely to be able to tell you, the majority of such cases find that the crime is actually committed by a woman, something that might come as a surprise to many a person here in the United States and likely outside of it as well. And embezzlement is certainly not the only type of white collar crime (though it might be a prominent one) as any federal crime attorney or federal crime lawyer will quickly be able to say.

In fact, a federal crime lawyer or lawyers will deal with as many as around 5,000 white collar criminals out of every population of 100,000 people in total. Therefore, it is clear to see that the matter of white collar crime is certainly no small problem here in the United States, let alone in other places all throughout the world. Therefore, the need for the federal crime lawyer is a clear one, something that should be clear in just about every single part of this country, to say the least.

From sex crimes to white collar crimes like embezzlement, a huge portion of the general population here in the United States is certainly no stranger to crime.