The Many Cases Covered by a Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal injuries occur in many different forms, needing the help of attorneys. Some injuries happen at work while others happen while driving or in other forms of transportation. Personal injury law firms can handle many cases, settling the needs of a victim or defendant out of court. There are so many automobile accidents in the United States every year, that the need for attorneys in personal injury law firms is growing regularly.

Different Accidents and Personal Injuries

There are many more accidents than those that occur on the road. While those seem to be the most common, we face many other accidents the require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Any of these accidents draw on attorneys of all specialties to help with the case. Workplace injuries are another major occurrence with some being on the property of a friend or neighbor where they may be responsible.

There are a number of potential causes for personal injury that can bring about the need for an attorney, especially personal injury law firms. This most often comes if someone else may hold be responsible for the injury. There are things like the determination of fault as well as whether something was intentional or an accident, and the personal injury lawyer is able to handle this fact. Many different personal injury cases include:

  • Construction accidents
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Workplace injuries
  • Automobile accidents

The Work of Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys can handle all accidents in general, with the added need for personal injury lawyers working in special legal fields. The highest percentage of accidents and deaths happen on the road, providing a lot of work for personal injury attorneys. Additionally, about 95% of personal injury cases settle before they even go to trial, so there is much more paperwork and contracting for personal injury law firms than time spent in the courtroom.

What to Expect from Personal Injury Attorneys

With so many thousands of Americans injured annually in car crashes, ranging from drunk driving to cell phone usage, there is much to expect from a knowledgeable and well-experienced personal injury lawyer. The need to pull together all of the evidence from the accident, along with the potential details that prove or disprove responsibility of the cause of the injury. Whether you are in need of a defense or prosecution attorney, there is much to look for in on who is working on your side in a personal injury case.

Car accidents make up more than half of all American personal injury cases, making a lot of work for personal injury. With many of the other injury and neglect cases that can be managed by these firms, there is still room for slip and fall lawyers, auto accident attorneys, nursing home abuse lawyers, and more. With many legal specialties available, the broad spectrum of personal injury is one with great availability for new attorneys. With all of the different auto and work accidents that happen in this nation daily, there is much to be gained from attorneys who are well-trained to settle any sort of battle out of court.