The Next Stages of Evolution Doing Away with Discrimination of Every Kind

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Everyone deserves the right to work at a job that pays and treats them well. Putting in the work to put food on the table, a roof over your head, and otherwise finance your life is a necessity. Dedicated, honest work should equal a fair paycheck. But in today’s society, there are plenty of factors that unfairly get in the way of that simple formula. It seems a bit odd and out of place that at this point in our culture and society’s development that there are still such issues, but apparently there are certain minds and mindsets that take longer to develop than others.

Safe, pleasant, and productive work spaces for all

Most places in the United States have business statements that clarify their equal opportunity hiring practices. However there are still far too many places that do not reflect these statements in the actual work environments, or on the paychecks that are distributed, or the preferences given in different scenarios throughout the work day. Women are paid less. Racism has too many unchecked outlets. Older workers are encouraged to step out of the way to let younger employees take over. And those with physical limitations, even those that do not affect their jobs in any way, face prejudice and limitations imposed on them by employers or coworkers. Discrimination in any form has no place in any work environment, and there are laws in place to protect each worker’s rights for good reason.

How disability lawyers and discrimination laws are fighting back

There are around 56.7 million individuals living in the United States who have some sort of disability or another. That is about 19% of the country’s population, which is no small chunk. Of course, every group and individual’s rights and interests should be protected and upheld regardless of numbers, but the point is that if a group of such a significant size can be unfairly treated, then so can anyone. It is a matter to take very seriously, and the disability laws in place attempt to curb the prejudice and wrongful treatment of those workers with disabilities or limitations.

Wrongful termination cases

Disability law is not the only avenue on which justice needs to be continually pursued and fought for. Wrongful termination lawyers work to ensure that people who lose their jobs unfairly or unlawfully will be accurately and justly compensated. This could be in relation to disability law as well, or any number of other issues such as the aforementioned sex and gender, racial, or age discrimination. If a person loses his or her job for any other reason than not doing said job, or for being irresponsible or unprofessional, they likely have a case that should be looked into.

Standing up for what’s right

The fact of the matter is that operating from these places of bias reveals a lack of social development, personal education, and cultural evolution. If a person is treating another human being with a prejudice based on age, sex, race, or physical limitation, all it really does is show how barbaric they are. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people with barbaric mindsets in control of companies, so these issues still exist.

And equally as unfortunate is the fact that people often get away with this type of behavior because those who can identify it as wrong don’t always intervene. In fact about 46% of people who said they saw some sort of wrongdoing in the workplace but chose not to report it neglected to do so our of fear that they would suffer some sort of retaliation. And of those who did say something, 22% actually did suffer some sort of retaliatory consequences as a result.

Everyone deserves the chance to work hard to achieve their dreams, and to do so in a safe and professional environment. We exist to build each other up, and when others get in the way of that by tearing people down instead, there need to be consequences. We will only succeed at building better and brighter futures if everyone is working together to do so.
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