Three Questions You May Have Regarding Divorce

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For some, divorce is a very difficult topic to discuss, and an even harder decision to come to. Whether or not it’s fair, some feel like getting a divorce is the equivalent of admitting defeat. We all know that this isn’t true, but it can still feel that way within. Divorce can also seem like a very taboo topic on a surface level, and some even keep their divorces a secret from loved ones for a long time. For others, the opposite is true — divorce is a simple decision to come to. When a marriage isn’t working it isn’t working; and in some cases, no amount of work can fix that. Whether or not your decision was easy, there comes a time when it is final. In that case, you need to talk to a divorce lawyer. A good divorce lawyer will provide the expert legal knowledge that is necessary to make your divorce quick and relatively painless. When a lawyer is not technically necessary to handle a divorce, divorces that go on without lawyers can get messy very quickly. The sooner you get in touch with a divorce law firm, the sooner you can get your divorce over with and move on with your life. Let’s look into why divorce happens, and what kinds of issues you should keep in mind when consulting with your lawyer.

Why Does Divorce Happen?

Often, it can seem like everyone and nobody is getting divorced. In some areas, the topic remains very quiet and rarely discussed. In others, it seems like divorce is something everyone does without a second thought — though this is very rarely true. It’s estimated that about 42% of American marriages end in divorce, and the reasoning behind why people get divorce is varied and often deeply personal. In mediation groups, 20% to 25% of couples give an affair as the reason why their marriage is ending. While this is certainly a classic reason, 80% say that their marriages are ending simply because of a lack of intimacy, whether that be emotional, physical, or both. Money can often be a major problem, with couples who argue about finances once a week being 30% more likely to get divorced than those who disagree about finances a few times a month. No matter what the reason for divorce, many couples undergo a legal separation — and in some cases are required to undergo a separation — before divorcing. This can be the right time to contact an attorney with expert legal knowledge; and certainly, you want to do so before the divorce drags out for too long.

What Happens When A Divorcing Couple Has Children?

Divorce can be tough on children — but ultimately, it can also be the best thing for them. However, a divorce that is contentious can be very difficult for children to deal with, especially later on in life. A good attorney has more than expert legal knowledge — they’ll also have the empathy and care necessary to navigate a divorce that involves children. Usually, these divorces involve the issues of custody and child support. Custody doesn’t have to be a battle, but only 11% of custody cases are solved in mediation, unfortunately. The issue often isn’t that people don’t want to share custody, but that custody can affect the way child support is arranged. In 2012 alone, about 26.1% of custodial parents sought government assistance; this is often in part done because the other parent isn’t paying child support. It’s important to settle child support as soon as possible.

How Are Assets Divided Up?

The division of assets varies depending on the state. For that matter, a prenuptial agreement can come into play and affect how assets are divided. An attorney with expert legal knowledge can help you explore your options regarding assets, and ensure that you get what you want and deserve, with as little conflict as possible. Without a lawyer’s help, you may leave the marriage with less than you would expect.