What Does A Business Attorney Actually Do?

Your average business attorney caters to the everyday needs of medium-sized businesses. They handle most of the business’ general legal implications such as deciding whether the company should be an LLC or a corporation, how taxes will be handled, and if employees should sign employment contracts. They’ll help determine state and county regulations, leases for company buildings, trademarks, and more.

Business attorneys can also help settle disputes between employer and employee, between partners, landlords, or anyone else you work with. They’ll be able to handle about 80% of all legal needs.

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Ideally, they should have connections to other attorneys and be able to decide when it’s time to hand it off to a specialist like a tax lawyer, estate planning lawyer, franchising lawyer, and litigators.

Your company lawyer will be able to decide when they can help, and when they have to reach out for more help. They’ll ideally have a network of connections they can use to assist your business in whatever legal manner is needed. You can reach out to them with whatever questions you may have about running your business.