Will Transportation Tax Affect You?

There could be a new tax scheme coming to cities or towns where you reside that allows its government to collect additional taxes. That government could have planned to create their own book on income flow or simply put ‘to generate income.’ One of the other schemes is the Transportation Tax scheme. This Transportation Tax scheme could be a toll to many except that it helps the government earn its own fund.

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Even though some local governments create their own book on revenue flow through Transportation Tax, they have no authority to impose such. Even if they have, it could only be violating uniformity or consistency. It could be that one or more of the transportation tax schemes that have been imposed have violated the uniformity section.
Another setback for imposing Transportation Tax is that it appears to have no exemptions. It’s not like other taxes that could exempt churches, hospitals, and the likes. This transportation tax scheme has no provision for the exemption of such groups. Lastly, some laws have a uniform method to challenge tax assessments (e.g., Property Tax assessments, Income Tax assessments, and Sales Tax assessments.) Meanwhile, Transportation Tax does not provide a uniform method in challenging the assessment’s amount. You will have to find your own legal counsel specializing in government taxation to help you appeal if you are a taxpayer and disagree with the calculations.