A Quick Tip for Anyone Going Through a Divorce

Child custody

If you have a divorce attorney now, you may want to make sure that their firm also provides lawyers for child support for later, if you have children with your current spouse. The fact of the matter is that while an average divorce proceeding lasts about a year in the United States, the amount of time you are looking for child support lasts until your child or children turn 21.

However, since a divorce can be declared for many different reasons since advocates in the 1960s called for recognition of a no fault divorce, they are now becoming much quicker and easier than they ever were before. No matter what though, both biological parents are responsible to a child they helped make, which is where the idea of child support came from. So, once paternity has been established, whether through testing or because of the marriage, there are two parties that have to take on the financial burden of raising a hild.

Interestingly, a study from August 2012 performed by the University of Cincinnati showed that women are less likely than men to turn to the bottle after a divorce, no matter how difficult or easy going it was. But, more often than not, women become the custodial parent, in more than 60% of cases, so they become the ones that receive child support.

At that point, if you are not receiving child support as you are supposed to, which many people do not without some kind of argument or legal intervention, you will need to find a family lawyer. Family law concerns surrogacy and adoption as well as issues such as child abduction. But either way, it is a good idea to look into lawyers for child support if you have children, no matter how far along in the divorce process you are. Find out more about this topic here.

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