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Keeping up with all of the breaking legal news in the world can be difficult, especially for people who have busy schedules that include hectic work days and toting kids around from place to place. However, they should try to take the time every day to get some legal news and views from around the world. Right now, the legal news UK residents might want to try to stay informed about might have to do with Syria. The civil war there has torn the country apart, and left millions stranded as refugees. It might be easy for people to learn the basics of the tragic story, but there are new updates and developments seemingly every day.

Last Wednesday, the UK leadership announced that it would be legal and just for them to launch a military strike against Syria, even if they did not have authorization from the United Nations Security Council. While major powers, including the UK and United States have been largely hesitant to get involved with the war in Syria on a violent level, recent chemical attacks have prompted more serious discussions about whether or not the countries will change their stance. In fact, chemical attacks outside Demascus are one of the main reasons why UK is considering a strike, noting that, the longer they wait, the greater the opportunity for more chemical warfare.

Prime Minister David Cameron explained that, “when we have a regime that has used chemical weapons…if nothing is done, it will conclude that it can use these weapons again and again, and on a larger scale, and with impunity.” The suffering that has been seen from Syria already seems unfathomable, and more chemical attacks could make the problem even worse. Because of that, UK residents might want to read all of the latest legal news articles and blogs to closely monitor the situation.

While the UK might be closer now to taking action in Syria, Cameron does still have some apprehension. He said, “I think it would be unthinkable to proceed if there is overwhelming opposition in the Security Council.”

But, at any moment, there is a chance that new, more serious developments arise in Syria, inspiring the UK and other countries to take action. Because there is no way to predict when that will happen, following the best providers of legal news UK residents have available to them is a must. It is the only way to stay completely up to date.