3 Things to Know About Custody And Divorce

Family court can be confusing during the emotional upheaval that comes with divorce. Filing for divorce can be the first step in improving your life and the lives of your children. Having an advocate by your side as you navigate the family court process can help make the situation less stressful. Continue reading to learn more about a few things to consider about custody and divorce.

1. Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be a Battle

Many people worry about how a divorce will affect their young children. If you believe that it’s the correct choice to separate from your spouse, you’ll want to try to minimize the negative effects on your family. Working with an unreasonable spouse makes the process much harder, but when both parents are able to put their differences aside, it’s much better for their children. Working with an attorney that strives to lessen the anguish and stress is preferable to choosing a lawyer who wants to make everything a battle.

2. Custody Agreements Can Be Reached in a Few Different Ways

It’s estimated that 90% of mothers who are divorced have custody of their children, but how your case plays out can vary depending on several factors. When both parents are able to put the needs of their children first, it allows them to access a few different options. Direct negotiations that hammer out the custody details between the two legal teams are the most straightforward approach. Next is mediation. Mediation is a wonderful way for both parents to feel that their needs and wants are being considered. Finally, family court can issue custody arrangements when the parents are unable to come to an agreement.

3. It’s Wise to Work With an Experienced Family Court Lawyer

However your experience goes, you’ll want a strong legal team working for you. Choosing the right attorney can make a significant difference to your overall experience and outcomes. No one wants to take a lax attitude toward their divorce and custody proceedings. Take the time to find a lawyer who is in sync with you. Working with someone who holds the same values as you is important. You’ll want to find legal representation that reflects your overall approach to confrontation and communication styles.

If you’re considering filing for divorce, you’ll want an experienced and competent lawyer on your side. Contact Yoder & Jessup P.C. today and set up a consultation to learn more about our divorce and custody services.