4 Common Types of Divorce Proceedings

Uncontested divorce with children

Many couples find that they can no longer remain married. Statistics show that first marriages ending in divorce usually last around eight years. It’s understandable that your or your partner might feel it’s time to end a marriage. You’ll want to ensure you’re aware of the various types of divorce proceedings. Understanding which types of divorces are commonly filed will help you stay more aware of what’s taking place throughout your divorce. Here are four common types of divorce occurring throughout the United States.

  1. Contested Divorce

    A contested divorce involves couples airing out their grievances within a courtroom. Contested divorces typically see each former member of a marriage enlist a lawyer. Many couples that share items including homes and businesses often have contested divorces. Statistics show that the average length to fully complete a divorce is about one year. Divorce proceedings that are more highly contested may take over one year to complete. A study conducted by Bowling Green State University finds that divorce rates in the last two decades have doubled in marriages where both parties are over 50 years old. In many situations, older couples have a higher net worth than those starting out, often making divorces contested situations.
  2. Uncontested Divorce

    An uncontested divorce is sought after by couples looking to stay out of the courtroom. However, it’s still wise to have an uncontested divorce attorney in your corner. It’s commonplace for one person in a marriage to list divorce terms that the partner finds disagreeable. Many uncontested divorce proceedings are halted due to one person not agreeing to specific terms. Uncontested divorce attorneys can help ensure couples wanting a divorce outside of the courtroom receive an efficient resolution.
  3. Settling Through Arbitration

    In some cases, two people are unable to come to an agreement about various divorce matters. Certain divorces are best handled through a process known as arbitration. An arbitrator is a neutral third party that provides judgment in regards to divorce proceedings. A former couple that finds it impossible to agree on certain matters finds arbitration to be extremely beneficial.
  4. Divorce by Default

    Some people might need to get a divorce without knowing the whereabouts of a partner. A default divorce takes place when one person needs to end a marriage but can’t reach the other party. A notice is typically published in the newspaper of where the missing party was last seen. This notice runs for a brief period of time in an attempt to elicit a response from the missing party. If no response is received, the marriage is allowed to end without any input from the missing individual.

In closing, there are several common types of divorce proceedings. Contested divorces typically involve divorce lawyers gathering with each former person in a marriage. These divorces are handled within a courtroom and can become tense situations. Uncontested divorces are typically chosen by couples who seek to stay out of the courtroom. However, it’s still imperative to have an uncontested divorce attorney on your side. Uncontested divorce lawyers help to ensure former couples come to an agreeable overall resolution. Arbitrators are sometimes called upon to help couples needing to complete a divorce. A default divorce takes place when another party in a marriage is missing or otherwise unreachable. Completing a divorce is often a feeling of relief for people in unhappy marriages.