When To Seek Legal Aid and Why

Legal help

Legal aid is something that everyone needs from time to time. There are all types of cases that may require expertise in everything from business law, to criminal defense, and even civil law. Today, it is not uncommon to see individuals, businesses, and many other types of people being sued for a variety for reasons and under different circumstances. Here are a few cases where it would be beneficial to have an attorney, no matter what type of case is occurring, and how they can help their clients be poised and ready for success.

When a Marriage Ends

It is never easy when a couple decides to part ways and get divorced. Those who have been the best of friends in their younger years can sometimes turn into the worst enemies when going through a divorce. That is why having a divorce attorney is so useful, since they can help the individual retain belongings and assets that were theirs, and keep their soon-to-be former spouse from giving the other party debt that was not theirs. It is a common fact that 50% of marriages end in divorce, and most individuals who get divorced have been married for at least nine years or more. With these facts in mind, anyone who is going through a divorce should seek legal aid from a qualified attorney as soon as possible, regardless of how amicable their situation is.

When Injured on the Job

Being injured on the job can be scary for both parties. The worker may be trying to figure out how they will sustain themselves and their family without a proper salary, and the company may be worried about being sued because they broke a law. In cases like these, legal aid is important to have, since these courtroom battles can be difficult to handle for either party. Sometimes these accidents could have been easily prevented. Over 80% of workman?s comp claims are in regards to employees who have slipped on wet floors, which is a problem that could easily have been handled with proper safety rules, or by having an accident cleaned up in enough time. Over 15% of slips and falls resulted in the employee being away for work for over a month. In instances such as these, having workman?s comp can be a major benefit; for those who aren?t in the know about how to handle their situation, legal aid can change all of that.

Almost Any Criminal Defense Case

Criminal defense cases can be scary for anyone who is going through the process of conviction, but is not sure of how they should handle the situation. Many people who have charges pending against them for criminal behavior often have a defense attorney. While these attorneys are helpful, they are often overworked, and might not be able to give a case the time and attention it deserves. Over 55% of systems in the United States don’t give public defenders the opportunity to turn down a case, even if they don’t have much time for it. Having a criminal defense lawyer who is skilled in knowing what is happening, and can assist the individual in every aspect of their case often means less time in the courtroom. The attorney will also be more transparent, working more often and directly with their client to help win their court case.

There are many different reasons to seek legal aid. Anyone who is going through a divorce benefits from having an experienced attorney help them navigate this difficult path. Those who are challenging a job because of workman?s comp and unsafe conditions can feel secure in doing so, with the help of a proper attorney. Finally, criminal attorneys will do everything they can to ensure their clients are able win or bargain a case properly, which a defense attorney might not always have the time to do. Proper legal aid can make all the difference in winning a case and solving many of the problems one is facing.