4 Tips on Affording Your Divorce Attorney

Filing uncontested divorce

Even in the best of times, divorce is an arduous, painful process no matter what side of the divorce papers you are on. When faced with the myriad of uncertainties and compromises, the cost of divorce lawyers can be one burden too many. So what can you do? Can you skip the lawyer all together? Do you find the cheapest option available?
There can be so many questions about divorce help, so here are a few tips to point you in the right direction

Don?t Skimp on a Lawyer

The cost of divorce lawyers can be daunting, but they serve a vitally important role in your legal journey. During a divorce, emotions can often run high. It?s easy to get side tracked into petty or vindictive squabbles. While this is a normal occurrence and it?s important to not feel ashamed of these impulses, it is also important not to give into them. Having a lawyer present will help keep your mind even, or at worst, provide a rational foil if you find yourself overwhelmed.

Affording the Cost of Divorce Lawyers

Only 29% of custody cases are decided without 3rd party involvement, but if you are fortunate enough to have a relatively simple divorce, then price should not be too restrictive. Hire a low cost divorce attorney, and discuss a flat fee payment structure. This is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way of handling a divorce, as it sets a very firm limit on how much work will be done, and how much it will cost.

Getting Creative

If money is a real issue for you, then you might need to start getting creative. Remember, necessity is the mother of invention. Have a yard sale (with your own items) or discuss selling your home to pay for the divorce costs, giving both parties a clean slate (and one less item to contest).

Avoid Borrowing Money

A divorce should offer you a clean slate, but too often, people are forced to take a loan or borrow from family members in order to finance their legal expenses. If you find yourself truly needing, turn first to crowd funding sources. While it might seem impolitic to air your grievances in a public manner, crowdfunding from Indiegogo to Patreon have become a huge tool to help fund medical expenses, artistic endeavors, and yes even legal expenses.

Divorce can be a trying time in every sense of the word, but you owe it to yourself to use this experience to learn and grow so that you can come out of it a more complete person on the other side.