6 Common Car Crash Related Injuries

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Driving is a perilous endeavor. People who operate 2,000-pound steel machinery travel at 65 miles per hour on pavement with nothing but yellow and white paint to stop them from veering into another lane and crashing head-on into another person doing the exact same thing. Unsurprisingly, then, 3 million people each year sustain injuries from car crashes on American roads. In fact, some people might be surprised that injuries don’t happen more frequently. But what exactly are the injuries in question? Here are the most common car crash related injuries.

  1. Whiplash
    Inertia from the car that collided with your can send your head and neck moving forward. This typically happens in moderate to severe fender benders and can result in serious muscle and ligament damage.
  2. Limb Injuries
    Side-on collisions have a proclivity for breaking or otherwise injuring the legs of the driver who was hit. The left leg is particularly susceptible since it is directly next to the source of the colliding force. Arms, fingers, and toes are also fairly common fractures.
  3. TBIs
    Traumatic Brain Injuries can range from a mild concussion to permanent cognitive impairment. When the brain hits the skull with enough force (due to inertia), it literally bruises.
  4. Spinal Cord Damage
    Everyone knows the story of a person who got paralysed in a car crash. This happens a lot. The forces at play when two cars collide can do a lot of damage. Even though human beings are resilient, any damage to nerves in the spinal cord could mean a lifelong disability.
  5. Cardiac Arrest
    People that are particularly prone to heart attacks could have their existing heart condition triggered by a sudden impact. An auto accident and a heart attack within seconds could be enough to kill anyone.
  6. Broken Ribs
    Though not as deadly or horrific as other common potential injuries, a broken or cracked rib is no picnic. If untreated, this could further damage your internal organs, causing bleeding and a punctured lung.

If any of these traumatic injuries have happened to you due to a negligent driver, reach out to an auto accident attorney as soon as possible. Car wreck attorneys deal with the very problems you are facing every day, and their only goal is to make sure justice is served.