Contact an Intellectual Property Lawyer For Information on Patents and Copyrights

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When proficient intellectual property counsel is needed, it’s important to contact an intellectual property lawyer to address your specific situation. This type of lawyer can respond to the specific questions you will have regarding design and utility patents, copyright regulations, trademarks, and other related matters. Furthermore, an intellectual property lawyer will be able to assist you with understanding the processes involved.

Some Data on Patent Grants

The number of patent grants has significantly increased since the early 1900s. The U.S. Patent Office, for example, granted over 400 patents in both 1915 and 1916. Decades later, In both 2010 and 2011, over 120,000 patents were granted. It is also significant to note that from the period of 1998-to-2010, there were more than 520,000 U.S. patent applications.


How Patent Terms Are Calculated

There are two types of patents, design patents and utility patents. Design patent terms are calculated from the date on which the patent is actually granted. The actual term is 14 years.

Utility patent terms, however, are calculated from the application priority filing date. The term of this type of patent is usually 20 years.

There are a variety of patent attorney services that can provide assistance with calculating these terms.

How Copyright Terms Are Calculated

When an author seeks copyright protection, it is for a limited term. If the book or other written work was created after January 1, 1978, then the term of the copyright will extend 70 years following the author’s death.

In the case of written work “made for hire,” which is often the practice when small businesses hire freelances or independent contractors to write materials for them, the term of the copyright extends 95 years from first publication. It can also extend 120 years from its creation, depending on which date is the first to expire.

Intellectual Property and The U.S. Economy

The worth of intellectual property, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Intellectual Property Center, has been calculated at $5-$5.5 trillion. Copyright infringement, however, has adversely affected the U.S. economy et al. According to the Council of State Governments, the annual loss is $58 billion, which includes $3 billion in tax revenue and $16 billon to copyright owners.

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