Attorneys Will Have a Say If You are Not Driving Responsibly

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It really is quite impressive when you think about the advancements in technology and transportation that we as a species have achieved in a relatively short amount of time. To past generations in particular, it would seem that we are reaching the age that science fiction once predicted, if we are not there already. And yet with these advancements must come the laws and understanding of the responsibility that must be present each and every time someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunately, too often these laws and responsibilities are forsaken, and often it is necessary to get attorneys involved in the aftermath.

When attorneys should be involved in vehicle related incidents
There is a reason that there are classes and tests that must be taken and passed before one obtains his or her driving license. Being knowledgeable of traffic laws, and being willing and able to follow them, are important for navigating the roads alongside other responsible drivers. Not only are there multiple ways to break traffic and driving laws, there are plenty of ways to do serious damage to others when doing so. For this reason, it is important to get the right attorneys involved when such laws are broken. Whether the offender was speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances, or manipulating a mobile device, having quality lawyers on board will help to protect the rights of everyone involved.

Lasting effects of momentary actions
It is easy to justify certain actions in the moment. Driving too fast is thrilling. Most people do not feel too intoxicated when they get behind the wheel of a car after drinking. And glancing at that incoming text couldn’t possibly do any harm, right?

Speed limits are set for a reason. Whether that particular stretch of road is prone to wildlife crossings, has a sharp curve coming up, or other limiting factors or blind spots, exceeding the posted limit can have dangerous consequences.

At any given moment during daylight hours across the United States, there are about 660,000 drivers who are using their mobile phones or in some way attempting to manipulate some electronic device of one kind or another while behind the wheel. Though it doesn’t seem like much, checking a text or otherwise looking at a device will typically take your eyes off of the road for at least about five seconds. Depending on your speed, you could easily cover the distance of a football field in that time, without seeing what is in front of you.

In just one year across the United States, a total of 9.9 million individuals admitted that they had driven at some point while under the influence of some sort of drug. Everyone has their varying levels of tolerance and belief about their abilities to function under the influence, but the fact remains that there is a substance present meant to alter perception, and it has no place behind the wheel.

Understanding the severity

Why is it important to find the right law firms and attorneys if you or someone you loved has been involved in an auto accident? Chances are, if you have ever sought out lawyers for this very reason, you understand just how grave the situation can be. But for those who do not, consider the fact that there are about 1.7 million people every year who suffer a traumatic brain injury. Of those individuals, 52,000 of them die, 275,000 end up having to stay in a hospital, while about 80% are treated and released after visiting the emergency room. Of those deaths, vehicle or traffic related injuries are the highest cause of the fatalities, with the highest rates being among adults between the ages of 20 and 24. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is an action that should never be taken lightly.

Most people associate getting their license with freedom. But that freedom will not last if you do not also develop the responsibility that must come along with it.