nursing home neglect

Debunking 4 Major Myths About Nursing Home Neglect

nursing home neglectIt’s no secret that nursing home neglect cases can be some of the most tragic and heartbreaking legal matters to navigate through. That being said, it’s more important than ever to understand the basics of a nursing home neglect case should you or a loved one are involved in one. There are quite a few misconceptions about nursing home neglect cases, and equipping yourself with knowledge of these specific case types is the best way to navigate through one properly. Here are some of the most common myths about nursing home neglect.

The abuser is caught in almost every case
This is, unfortunately, a misconception. In an ideal world, every victim would receive justice for the pain they’ve endured, but nursing home neglect cases can be suspiciously difficult to prove. Aging Life Care says, “Criminal prosecutions of abusers are actually the exception rather than the rule because most victims don’t tell. They’re afraid, embarrassed or simply unable to report any wrongdoing to authorities.” Above all, it’s important to remember that working with a nursing home neglect lawyer is the best way to get the compensation you deserve.

If there are no physical signs of abuse, there’s no abuse happening
Another tragic misconception, this statement is very misunderstood. Abuse takes place in many different forms, many of which don’t leave physical signs. In fact, in a legal sense, the term neglect simply means failure to provide adequate care. This can also include emotional abuse and financial exploitation. Don’t always expect to see broken bones or bruises in a nursing home neglect case.

Nursing home neglect is caused by the stress of caregivers
This is more of an excuse than a myth, but it’s incorrect either way. There’s no denying the fact that being any type of caregiver can be incredibly stressful and exhausting at times, but by no means does stress justify abuse or neglect. Believing this myth simply reinforces the statement as an adequate excuse when it simply never will be. Caregivers have a sole duty to provide necessary care to those under their supervision, and those who can’t handle the stress should seek other opportunities outside the field.

Nursing home neglect occurs as often as men as it does in women
Finally, this is untrue as well. Women fall victim to nursing home neglect much more often than men. It should also be noted than those with cognitive impairment face the greatest risk, regardless of their gender.

Ultimately, in 2013, fatal transportation injuries accounted for two out of five fatal work injuries, but letting nursing home neglect go on for longer than it has to can have serious negative implications as well. Knowing the truth about nursing home neglect can help you navigate through your case. However, working with a professional nursing home neglect attorney is the best way to get the legal assistance you need.