Dont Do This When Fighting for Child Custody!

Divorce can be an incredibly stressful thing for a family to face, especially if children are involved. Though the anxiety around the situation may leave you confused and on edge, you as a parent need to prepare to fight for what is best for you children. Kids need parental figures in their lives, and your custody case may be a deciding factor on their futures. Before you jump in head-first into a child custody case with no guidance, this child custody attorney has a few tips to prevent you from common custody case mistakes.

Most of the professional advice given in this video revolves around respect. It is important that a court of law be treated as such, and disparaging or bringing false testimony against your child’s other parent is selfish, degrading, and may even reflect poorly in your case’s outcome.

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Presenting a mature, composed, and grounded aura allows for a conversation amongst the case instead of a heated argument. It can be hard to stay composed during the stress of the courtroom, but professionalism is key to bringing a strong plea to the court.