FAQ Do I Really Need a DUI Lawyer?

Dui lawyer

Drunk driving is a serious but unfortunately common offense. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests that 4,000 people are arrested every day for driving under the influence, but that a person might drive drunk 80 times before they ever get caught.

If you’re facing a DUI charge, you probably have a lot of questions about your rights, options, and future. The first thing many people wonder is whether or not they need to hire a DUI lawyer. Here’s a quick guide to help guide you in your decision making.

Do I really need to hire a DUI lawyer?
That all depends. In most cases, it certainly can’t hurt — especially if you have multiple past convictions or wound up causing harm to another person or private property.

When is it appropriate to represent myself in a DUI case?
If this is your first ever offense, your BAC level was under 0.10, there was no other damage, and you plan to plead guilty and face the consequences, then you’re probably safe saving yourself the money for hiring a DUI attorney and can simply represent yourself in court.

How much does a DUI lawyer cost?
This may vary widely from lawyer to lawyer and from case to case. Cheaper is not necessarily better; take into account the potential penalties you face and balance them with how much you can afford to pay for the best lawyer you can find. Remember that DUI charges can cost thousands of dollars if you are convicted.

How long do DUI cases take?
Some straightforward cases may be heard and tried within a single day, while complicated situations may take weeks. Present your case to a lawyer during your initial consultation and ask what you can expect as a rough timeframe.

Will I go to jail?
DUI law varies from state to state. Some laws have mandatory jail sentences for any DUI conviction, even a first-time offense. If you are concerned about possible jailtime, it’s absolutely crucial to hire a lawyer.

When in doubt, don’t try to handle a complex DUI case on your own. Consultation with expert legal advice could make the difference between a clean record and a criminal one. Unless you are fully prepared to accept all of the consequences of your actions, hire a DUI lawyer to help you with your case.