Four Tips for Reducing the Temptation of Distracted Driving

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Distracted driving cases have increased significantly over the years. Worldwide, 1.2 million people die in car accidents every year. An increasing number of these accidents are caused by distracted driving. With increasing technology in vehicles and phones becoming more addicting than ever, it can be difficult to avoid the temptation to use them while operating a vehicle. These tips, however, will help you to avoid distracted driving and to be safer on the road.

Use hands free driving features
Newer vehicles come with hands free driving features to remove the temptation. However, even if you don?t have access to any of these newer features, there are additions you can add to your vehicle. For example, placing a hands free phone holder on your dashboard keeps you from moving your eyes down to your phone. This device should only be used for turn by turn navigation though, and not texting or viewing on social media. When it does come time to purchase a new vehicle, make the addition of hands free features a priority.

Place your phone out of reach when driving
You might have the best intention to avoid texting and driving, but as soon as you hear that identifiable text message beep, you automatically reach for your phone. Removing your view from the road for even a couple of seconds can end in a fatal auto accident. To remove the temptation entirely, place your phone out of reach when driving. Put it into the glove box or in the backseat. If you require your phone, you will have to pull over to use it safely. With 3 million people injured every year in car accidents on U.S. roads, it is important that you find some way to reduce distracted driving.

Use cell phone blockers
While this one might not be ideal for you, it can be a lifesaver for teen drivers. Some phones or car features actually allow you to entirely block phone usage while the vehicle is in movement. You simply pair the phone to the vehicle and if the driver attempts to use the phone while they are driving, it will not let them. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about your new teen driver making bad driving decisions. If your teen causes an auto accident from distracted driving, it could have a negative effect on the rest of their life. They will require an attorney and could face legal charges.

Send out a pre drive text or Email
Some people feel obligated to respond to coworker or boss texts and Emails, even when driving. Instead of feeling that strong urge to respond, get in the habit of sending out pre drive text or Emails. If you are planning a long drive, set up an auto reply or inform everyone that you will be driving and only checking your notifications on breaks. The risk of an injury to yourself or other drivers is simply not worth that reply. Approximately 52% of personal injury cases related to motor vehicle accidents. After you end up paying medical fees, hiring an attorney, and paying for legal services, you could be thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Distracted driving has become a huge problem. New features on phones and cars have made it more tempting than ever to use a phone while operating a vehicle. Avoid needing a personal injury lawyer or attorney or facing criminal law charges with an attorney by taking away the temptations. There are programs that you can use to block out cell phone use or you can simply move your phone to another part of the vehicle. Take a pact with your family and avoid distracted driving each and every time you get in your vehicle.