Important Immigration Information

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There are two ways for an American citizen to bring a foreign born spouse into the United States. One is through the use of an immigrant visa, and the other is through the use of a non immigrant visa. Since 1990, foreigners have invested more than 6.8 billion dollars, and the United States has given out 29,000 visas through its EB5 program.

The EB5 visa allows foreign nationals who invest money in the United States to obtain a green card. To obtain an EB5 visa, individuals must invest 1 million dollars and either create or preserve at least 10 jobs for American workers. For questions pertaining to immigration to America, any immigration attorney is the place to go.

You can always search how to immigrate to USA on the internet and get information obtaining a green card. Common questions that can be answered include what is a green card? What is a marriage visa? You can also get information on how to apply for US citizenship, as many people who first obtain green cards are then eligible to become naturalized citizens.

Failure to carry your green card on your person is a violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which carries a possible fine of up to 100 dollars and imprisonment of up to 30 days for each offense. Your best bet is to contact an immigration attorney if you are ever concerned about your immigration status or have any questions pertaining to immigration to the United States. The second best option is to simply search how to immigrate to USA and go by the results you find there. Check out this site for more.