Infidelity, Financial Woes And Communication Issues Why More Americans Are Divorcing Than Ever Before

Questions to ask divorce attorney at initial consu

Filing for a divorce is a tedious, difficult process for many. It’s frustrating enough coming to terms with a relationship that needs to end, even more so when you need to allocate resources, change your address and apply for child custody. Divorce lawyers, however, have been there before. They know how to help you with divorce papers, mediation and anything else you require on your transition to a life that’s yours again. There are even subsets that you can seek out for your unique needs, such as divorce for physicians and divorce for business owners. Don’t feel like you have to walk down this trail alone. Divorce lawyers are here to help.

Did You Know?

Before you start looking into divorce lawyers in your area, let’s talk about some lesser-known facts about the process. The month of February, believe it or not, is actually the month with the most divorce filings in the United States. Not only that, multiple studies have been conducted to analyze trends in divorce over the years. The divorce rate among couples who evenly divide household chores has been found to be twice as high as those in which only the wife handles the housework, thanks to a 2012 Norwegian study.

Divorce Rates

The United States has seen significant fluctuation of marriage and divorce over the past 50 years. The divorce rate for a first marriage is around 40%, while the divorce rate for a second marriage is at around 60%. Lastly, a third marriage sees the highest rates of divorce at over 70%. The mean age of women filing for a divorce is 29 years old, with the mean age of men just a year older. Western states have the highest marriage and divorce rates in the country, followed closely by the South.

Mental Health

Divorce lawyers can assist you during these hard times. Since divorce is known for having a notable impact on mental health, having a resource you can count on does wonders. A University Of Cincinnati study conducted back in 2012 found that men are more likely than women to turn to alcohol after a divorce, with a University Of Florence study also concluding that infidelity outside the home was associated with major cardiovascular events such as heart attack and encroaching heart disease.

Child Custody

Child custody can be determined with the aid of divorce lawyers. Children of divorced parents have been found to be twice as likely to drop out of high school as well as less likely to attend college than their counterparts with married parents. However, unions that are struggling with domestic violence or emotionally abusive behavior are highly encouraged to find other options to ensure the safety and wellness of children involved.

Hiring Divorce Lawyers

For those wondering how to find a divorce lawyer or what questions to ask an attorney about divorce, it all starts with seeking out a law firm. There you can find professionals flexible in everything from mediation to child custody, able to get you started on the right track and well onto a solution than if you had attempted a solution on your own. The top five reasons for divorce in the United States are infidelity, communication problems, a lack of compatibility, financial problems and emotional or physical abuse. No matter your personal reason, divorce lawyers can make sure you get through these difficult times.