Is Mobile Use Threatening Your Company Data?

Computer and digital forensics

How safe is your company data? An increasing reliance on smartphones and mobile devices poses significant problems. Namely, growing mobile data use grants more opportunities for serious security infractions. Companies can, however, fight back. Computer forensics services help employers pinpoint vulnerabilities in online and/or electronic systems. Here’s what to expect from digital forensics companies:

Fewer Electronic and Mobile Security Breaches

On January 1, hackers posted partial phone numbers of 4.6 million Snapchat users, according to Reuters. Although the information was taken down that same day, the security breach raised important questions about the vulnerability of online and electronic data. This can be especially troubling for businesses, especially ones shifting to bring your own device systems (or, in other words, asking employees to use personal mobile devices for work-related tasks).

A digital forensics investigator, however, can often get to the bottom of security infractions. Mobile phone forensics professionals can investigate past data loss or infiltration; more importantly, mobile and computer forensics specialists can be hired permanently or semi-permanently to expose weak applications or data storage systems.

Improved Access to Critical Information

Digital forensics investigators, however, do not confine themselves to exposing hackers or potential viruses. Digital forensics investigators also play a critical role in corporate hiring and human resources. Employers can hire mobile and computer forensics professionals, for example, to perform background checks and investigate candidates’ resumes. Investigators may also look into human resources claims that are mobile- or digital-based. A digital forensics expert may look into claims of illicit e-mails from a supervisor, or claims of sexual harassment via text. In some cases, law enforcement, legal firms, the government, or even the military may hire forensic computer examiners to explore electronic criminal or suspicious activity.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that private investigation jobs will increase by 21% by 2020, thanks to increased demand. Skyrocketing mobile use will continue to make investigation — especially digital forensics — a top priority. Helpful info also found here.