Legal Advice Centres Helping Australians Who Need It Most

Legal advice for free

Legal advice centres in Australia help to provide affordable services to people who need legal advice, need representation, or simply have a question about the law. With organisations covering every aspect of Australian law, help is readily available to citizens who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

Given such a massive responsibility to serve the people, staying current is key. Helping those who need it most means staying abreast of the latest legal news articles, rulings, and discussion about the topics that matter to locally and to the entire country, as well as the rest of the world. As such, legal advice centres serve as a kind of community repository and news outlet for information pertaining to Australian law.

Finding a legal advice centre is as easy as searching the Internet or opening your phonebook. If you are having trouble finding the nearest centre to you, you can contact the peak bodies within your state or territory to find the closest location. Not every peak body has a dedicated staff, with only Queensland, Victoria, NSW, and WA providing a full office within their peak bodies, since the goal of many of the peak bodies is not to give legal advice but rather to direct citizens to the appropriate community legal advice centre closest to them. Contact information for your office is available at the website for the National Association of Community Legal Centres.

Australians deserve access to legal services and advice regardless of their economic circumstance. With the help of organisations like the NACLC and its divisions within the states and territories, people are able to find the answers they need when they need them most. If you need legal advice but are not sure you can afford it, contact your local legal advice centre. Help may be closer than you think.