Legal Troubles at Home or On the Road? OC Residents Are in Luck

Orange county child custody attorney

If you’re an Orange Country resident who’s encountering legal issues related to your marriage, family or other living situation, you’ll need to identify the best family law attorney orange county can offer for your situation.

A family law attorney specializes in defining, dissolving or altering marriages, common law marriages, same sex marriages, civil unions, domestic partnerships or child custody situations (say, a change in child custody during divorce or separation). They also frequently deal in contentious or criminal issues like domestic abuse, child abduction or failure to pay alimony or child support. An Orange County family law attorney (like any other) may also deal in cases related to child birth, like addressing surrogacy laws or issues of legitimacy.

Your Orange County family law attorney will need to understand your situation (both the legal ramifications, and your personal details) in order to truly help you, and hopefully they will have relevant experience in your type of case.

You may also be looking for an Orange County family law attorney to help with a different realm of legal defense: you might need an Orange county dui lawyer. At the Orange County DUI Summit Review this year, it was noted that 30 percent of road fatalities in 2011 were a result of drunk driving, and that in 2010 there were 500 DUI arrests in Laguna Beach alone (population 23,000). Orange County DUI attorneys often have years of experience. And despite the slight decline in road accidents in the OC over the past couple of years, the demand for Orange County DUI attorneys is still high.

So whether you’re looking for an Orange County DUI attorney, or an Orange County family law attorney, you will need to do some significant research before committing your time and money to what is likely to be a very important case for you and your family.