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Rocket chips. There are many instances in which someone has an invention, such as a rocket chip, and many instances in which they want that invention to be patented in certain situations. There are attorneys for that, which will be gotten to later. The idea, though, is that the rocket chip is a big thing. And the inventor deserves credit.

There are many people that like to invent things in the United States. Although inventors used to be solely for physical things, such as the rocket chip, inventors today do many different things. For instance, there are inventors who design apps on phones to make money and come up with a new and inventive way of delivering something.

A person who invents an app might be a business person that has hired a programmer. It may be the programmer himself or herself that puts together the app, with the guidance of other people. Sometimes the programmer will work alone to create an app, which is a significant issue. There are many ways in which people will invent things in the modern age.

There is a difference between an entrepreneur and an inventor. An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business, whether virtual or in the physical world. An entrepreneur will have thousands or even millions of dollars invested in the business, by which he or she will deliver a product or service to a target audience.

An inventor, however, is not necessarily focused on the business aspect. The inventor puts together an invention, in which something is “created” that hasn’t been done before. Behind every major business, there is an inventor or a team of inventors. For instance, there are inventors behind Google and Facebook, which are major businesses.

An entrepreneur might build a business around an invention, which can be profitable. But an entrepreneur may build a business without an invention, relying on the current market and the market for the product. There are many reasons for this. But generally an entrepreneur and inventor are separate, though they can sometimes be together.

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There are some statistics associated with this as well. They are:

  • In 2016, computer technology claimed the first two places in the list of technologies with the most international patent applications.
  • There were 4,537 patent infringement suits filed in 2016.
  • The U.S. Patent Office receives six times as many applications as it did in 1980.
  • In order to receive a patent, an invention has to meet three criteria.
  • Design patents expire 14 years from the date of issue.
  • A utility patent is far and away the most common type of patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Unique packaging, such as the size or shape of a soft drink bottle, may be eligible for a design patent.

A domestic patent process is a process by which an inventor will patent an item in the United States. An inventor may do this for several reasons. An inventor might do this to protect a product which is being used as part of a business. An inventor may feel it is necessary to go through the domestic patent process. It may be helpful.

A domestic patent process often involves registering the item with the government, which creates a patent that means the technology or invention can’t be used by another company for a number of years. A domestic patent process protects the company from others stealing the invention, technology, or idea.

A good inventor will know when to patent his product and when not to. Some people have dozens of patents out there. They may not be major inventors but smaller inventors looking to patent their objects in the hopes that a company will take them on. Some inventors invent for the love of the product. They enjoy this part of the process.

A good inventor will know when to patent his product or when to approach a business about using that patented product. A company might purchase a patented product from an individual if that patented product will help their revenue at the end of the year. There are other considerations as well.