Practice Areas NYC Building Code Violations Lawyers Cover

Nassau county criminal defense lawyers

Building codes exist for a reason. Whether to prevent loss of life, reduce crime or increase quality of life, building codes often cover a range of areas. Similarly, NYC building code violations lawyers can defend clients in code violation cases and related cases, such as personal injury.

Nyc building code violations lawyers help owners with such matters as fire violations. Fire code violations are often criminal offenses, and can carry fines and even imprisonment, which a NYC building code violations lawyers can shield against. These lawyers can also act as Nassau County commercial real estate lawyers and Nassau county landlord tenant lawyers, for they fall into the same subsets of real estate law.

Firms that NYC building code violations lawyers work in also house criminal defense lawyers, both for NYC and Nassau County criminal defense lawyers. Felonies are on a rating system. A 1, the most severe, carries a minimum 15 to 25 years of prison, but often result in life imprisonment or the death penalty. Class E felonies, the most minor, are typically for possession and carry no more than 20 years of prison. Refusing a chemical test for BAC, while not a felony, can lead to a $500 fine and revocation of a drivers license. All felonies require due process for defendants, which a criminal defense attorney can manage.

Firms that house Nyc building code violations lawyers have personal injury lawyers. Personal injury law protects those injured through negligence, either through occupational accidents, falls, or dog bites. As personal injury law has some overlap with building code law, NYC building code violations lawyers can even represent those in personal injury cases, as well as related felonies.