Questions to Ask a Commercial Building Contractor

Selecting the right commercial building contractor to establish a new commercial building can be a tricky slope that requires careful planning and research to navigate successfully. With proper questioning and research, entrepreneurs can select the right contractor for their projects. The YouTube video “Questions to Ask Contractors.

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” details the essential questions a business owner should ask before selecting a building contractor.

First, you want to ensure that the contractor you’re hiring has been in business and has experience in handling your specific kind of building project. Your building contractor should also be able to draw on a strong network of project managers and subcontractors. Having expert subcontractors and project managers ensures the timely delivery of high-quality projects.

A commercial building contractor should also be ideally licensed, bonded, and insured and give you a detailed timeline for completion in the project agreement. The contractor should also be able to specify the project’s start date and who will be designing the project. An ideal contractor should also offer a split payment schedule.

Also, inquire if they offer a project warranty and where they source their materials. Ensure that the contractor doesn’t have a super busy schedule; else, they won’t be able to give your project the requisite attention.