FAQs How Can Criminal Defense Attorneys Defend Those People?

Criminal defense attorneys are a crucial part of the justice system. They are the ones who stand up for the rights of those people who have been accused of a crime, and they do it by making sure that the police and prosecutors follow procedure and don’t violate anyone’s constitutional rights.

Other Ways They Can Help

  • They can assist with issues like speedy trials, which refers to how long someone must wait between being arrested and their trial date. The Supreme Court has decided that this should be no longer than 70 days from the arrest date.

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    If a person faces criminal charges and feels like their speedy trial rights have been violated, they should contact an attorney immediately!

  • If one faces domestic violence charges or drug possession, an attorney can help them get treatment instead of jail time. These are often called “alternative sentencing” programs, which means they’re designed to offer defendants an alternative to traditional prison time. These programs may be available only if a person has no prior criminal history or exceptional circumstances surrounding their case. If this sounds like something one could benefit from, talk with a defense attorney today!