The Realities of Handling a Divorce Proceeding

Love and matters of the heart are complicated. There is no science in love and the truth is that many marriages end up in bitter divorces. The divorce industry is becoming a lucrative business just as the love industry. This is because about half of all first marriages in the United States end up in divorce. Divorce attorneys can help one get divorced with the minimum emotional and financial damage to the parties involved especially the children.

When going through a divorce one is greatly engaged both mentally and emotionally. Some of the most common questions asked during this time include Can a no fault divorce be contested? Can both husband and wife file for divorce? Can I contact my husband’s attorney or my wife’s attorney? And in cases where one finds love again, can you get married without a divorce? There are no direct answers to these questions as each divorce case presents its unique situations that may determine the answers to these questions. The most important thing is to have a good divorce attorney. An attorney that not only understands divorce law but also has an interest in seeing the emotional and mental healing of their client.

Galveston divorce attorney

Most people know that forty one percent of first time marriages end in divorce, but did you know that these marriage first last an average of eight years? This means that many couples have children before realizing that they are not a suitable match for each other. Child custody issues can be complex and should not be handled on ones own or by a general attorney, but should be an issue placed in the hands of a capable Galveston child custody lawyer.

A Galveston child custody attorney can help you navigate the legal system while also keeping your focus on figuring out the best after marriage solution for you and your children. Many families find success in splitting up child time between weekdays and weekends, while others prefer holidays versus schooldays, while still others practice more complicated arrangements. If the marriage broke up as a result of infidelity or abuse, it is possible that a Galveston child custody lawyer will argue that only one parent should be given custody.

A Galveston divorce attorney can help you in taking care of the divorce issues that do not concern child custody, such as calculating and dividing of financial assets, figuring out property issues, and establishing whether monetary spousal support will be necessary. Be honest with your Galveston divorce lawyer about what you own and what you want out of the proceedings, since hiding information during the divorce can lead to bad blood between families later. For your divorce to go as smoothly as possible, it is recommend you retain both a divorce lawyer, as well as a Galveston child custody lawyer. Read more.