What A Civil Rights Attorney Can Do for You

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There are some instances when a person is injured that they believe there isn’t anything they can do about it, whether it’s from an injury related a large company or excessive force by police officers. Many times these things are left unreported under the assumption that they would never win against such a large company with exceptional lawyers or the government. You should know that you can meet with a civil rights attorney that specialize in these areas and can help you get justice and/or compensation.

  • Prison abuse: Just because someone is in prison and convicted of a crime doesn’t mean that they should suffer unnecessary abuse because it’s just inhumane. Contacting a prison abuse attorney would be in the best interest of the victim, in this case, they could perhaps help to stop the people involved in these actions as well as file a civil suit.

  • Police brutality: Everyday you hear the stories of officers using excessive force that ofttimes lead to serious injury or even death. These injuries could be caused by an officer’s deliberate indifference or failure to act accordingly in a given situation. These incidences are especially heinous coming from an organization that is sworn to protect the people, but unfortunately the truth is police misconduct happens frequently. Many of these cases go unreported , the main reason for this is the victims are under the impression these things happen and they’ll lose but a police brutality lawyer can bring you the justice you deserve.

  • Personal injury: Going up against a company with plenty of money and lawyers may seem like a losing feat but if you have been injured from negligence or they have violated your human rights in any way, a personal injury attorney can get you compensation. Not a lot of people know the statistics on these cases the because of confidentiality agreements during some settlements, but in the U.S. Only about 5% of personal injury suits make it to trial and about 95% are settled pretrial.

Just having a civil rights attorney on your side can be intimidating by showing you mean business and intend to do everything in your power when your constitutionally protected civil rights are violated. Some may specialize in certain areas but this is the type of lawyer you will need if you or anyone you know has been a victim of police brutality, prison abuse or any type of violation against human rights.