What Are Bail bonds?

You may not be familiar with the different kinds of bail bonds that exist, so our team of bail bondsmen to help you out! The 3 most popular kinds of bonds are cash bonds, percentage bonds, property bonds, and Immigration bonds.

Cash bonds are bail bonds with the entirety of the bail amount in cash and take be kept by the courts if the defendant does not show up for trial.

Percentage bonds are when a defendant only pays a percentage of the bail instead of the entire bail.

Property bonds are when defendant post their home for their bail and can be foreclosed if the defendant doesn’t show up to the trial.

Immigration bonds are used for undocumented immigrants and operated within federal law instead of state law.

Different kinds of bail bonds are used as collateral for people on trial to be free while they wait for their trial. They are a promise by the defendant that they will return for their trial and are forfeited if they do not return for trial.

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With any kind of bail bond, if the defendant does not show up for their trial date, the bail can be kept by the court and not returned to the defendant.