Commonly Asked Questions About Fire Sprinkler Systems

If you want to talk to a fire sprinkler system designer about some common fire sprinkler system FAQs, one of the first questions that might come up will likely be about the differences between wet and dry systems. Let’s take a look.

There’s one key difference between a wet and a dry fire sprinkler system design. It has to do with what’s in the pipes that connect each sprinkler head.

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In a wet system, the entire piping system is constantly full of water. So when the sprinkler system is activated, water is immediately dispersed over the area where the fire is hottest. This is an ideal setup for a warehouse where there aren’t many items that could suffer water damage.

A dry system, on the other hand, has its piping system filled with either air or nitrogen. When this sprinkler system is activated, there will be a delay between activation and when water comes out. While this might not seem like a good option for fire suppression, it can buy a few valuable seconds to remove objects that may suffer irreparable water damage.

A fire sprinkler system is essential in any home or business to protect property and protect lives.