Everything You Need to Know About DUII

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Many people become injured or die in a variety of accidents that happen on our roadways every year. Due to the negligence of others, lives are lost and there is no coming back from that. Did you know that, every year, thousands of drivers lose their lives in a variety of accidents? In fact, in 2014 alone, over 32,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes, which was a bit less than those who died in accidents in 2013. Close to 90 people die every day in accidents in the U.S. alone, and about 5-6,000 are injured.

As you probably already know, these accidents happen due to more than just not paying attention to the roadways. Aside from taking their eyes from the roads, many people drive distracted by manipulating cell phones. In fact, every day across America, about 660,000 drivers are using cell phones. Many people do not know that using a cell phone can increase the risk of you getting into an accident by 3 times! But, of course, there is one very deadly cause of accidents every year: drunk or drugged driving.

Drunk and Drugged Driving: A Serious Cause of Injuries

Have you been charged with a crime of DUI or DUII after causing an accident with another driver? Every year, many people are arrested under DUI laws and wonder what to do when being charged with a crime. Did you know that an average driver drives drunk about 80 times before the first arrest? The truth is, you have options when you have been charged. A DUI and DUII law firm is out there for you when you are fighting your charges. Perhaps you want to bring a defense because you believe that you have been treated unfairly through your arrest and should not actually have been charged with this serious crime.

Criminal law is growing, which is why you have options out there when in need of a DUI or DUII law firm. With about 1,315,561 lawyers in all of the U.S., you are sure to get results you were hoping for even in a case you believe will never work to your advantage. Choose wisely when moving forward with your case to obtain the best results in your time of need.