India or Australia, Learn Where to Get International Legal News

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If you are involved in legal affairs internationally, then you will want current legal news that covers all of your business regions. But how do you keep up on the legal news in India, Australia, and also in your home state, Virginia? Here are some tips to get current legal news, so you can zone in on breaking legal news where your clients are in the U.S., and abroad.

  • Legal news India.
  • While some of the more contemporary laws in India show significant influence from Western legal systems, there are still key differences and constant developments that you will need to keep current with. There are websites dedicated to the laws, legal systems and legal news India has, so one option is to seek out those websites which concern themselves with just the one legal jurisdiction. When you find those sites, subscribe to email newsletters or RSS feeds to be updated as the latest news is reported.

  • Legal news Australia.
  • Another option you have is to look for general legal sites and publications that cover international news. These websites might cover changes in law firms, new partners, new laws, and job openings all across the globe. Even if there is not a website or publication dedicated to Australian legal news, when you keep connected to an international legal news site, you can then choose to zero in on the regions that you are concerned with, for example, Australia.

  • New Virginia laws.
  • On July 1, 2013, the “lewd and lascivious cohabitation” law of 1950 was repealed in Virginia. If this kind of news is what you need to know, when it happens, then you should add some United States specific news journals or websites to your list. Virginia actually has its own legal newspaper, so you could choose to get United States legal news in general, or state-specific news depending on which states and regions your practice covers.

When you need the latest legal news, you will want to look for email subscriptions, RSS feeds, quality websites, and even standard publications. News travels fastest by the internet though, so narrowing down to the best websites for legal news in the countries you serve is the best course of action to stay current on international legal news.