The Fact About Divorce in the United States

Getting a divorce can be a painful process, and for many people, it’s a traumatic life experience. If divorce is on the table for your family, you’ll want to find a family law attorney who can help share the burden through thick or thin.

Roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. Many other marriages go through particularly rough patches. When selecting a divorce attorney, you’ll want to find someone who understands both the financial needs of the family and your personal needs too.

You’ll also want a family law lawyer who can help not just during court cases but also with a divorce after a year or more. Sometimes, future legal issues and headaches, such as child custody, come up.

The right divorce attorney can also answer questions with sage insights. You might wonder did my divorce go through? Your family law attorney should be able to keep you filled in and aware of any hangups.

Divorce after marriage is hard. You may find yourself in a desolation of marriage and divorce. Yet the right divorce lawyer can help share the burden both now and if future problems arise too.

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Over the past couple of decades, the high divorce rate in the United States has been received wide-spread attention from demographic researchers, social and cultural organizations, and, of course, the media. As of 2013, the approximately 46% of all first marriages in the United States end in divorce. Among those who choose to remarry, statistics show that there is a 66% of second marriages ends in divorce, and the percentage rises with each ensuing marriage.

When it comes down to divorce, both parties are coping with the second most stressful event they will probably ever experience. Not only are they in the midst of finding a lawyer and figuring out what questions to ask a divorce lawyer, many divorcing couples are parents who are concerned about the divorce adversely affecting their children. On top of that, there are always questions to ask a divorce lawyer about child custody and possibly alimony.

According to a recent study that was conducted by the Global Economic Intersection, nearly 45% of all divorces involve dependent children. And since almost a third of custodial mothers do not receive court-ordered child support, spousal financial responsibility is a serious matter with which both parties must contend. On the flip side, when divorced parents share custody of their children about 90% of them receive the right amount of child support that was ordered by the court.

In the unfortunate event that divorce is the only solution, it is crucial that both parties enlist the services of the best family divorce lawyers as possible. This is particularly important when children will be impacted by the divorce. The bottom line is the top divorce attorneys will have the experience necessary to make the divorce go as smoothly as possible.

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