The Many Roles of the Defense Attorney

Many different reasons exist as to the need of a defense attorney. Unfortunately, this may be the hardest type of work that an attorney may have to take on, but it is the most required. In any number of situations where a defense attorney may be needed, there is also the potential for the highest paying side of the legal industry. Issues that may occur include the change of accusations, minimization of charges, and reduction of jail time and other punishment. Defense attorneys are responsible for knowing the law inside and out in order to get the best deals possible.

The Many Jobs of Criminal Defense Lawyers

More than criminal defense, there are a number of cases that require the support of defense attorneys. Many of these issues include the following:

  • DUI attorneys
  • DUI law
  • Criminal investigation
  • Criminal law
  • Injury and accident law
  • Accident lawyer
  • Personal injury law
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Property law

Fortunately, as a defense lawyer, you will not always be defending harsh criminals. Given many of the trial types above there is a frequent inclusion of accidents along with professional, personal, and family issues. It is important to know that the most commonly covered defense case is divorce and all of the details included with the conclusion of a marriage such as child custody and property separation. Considering the number of American marriages that end in divorce (41% of first marriages, 60% of second marriages, and 73% of third marriages) this is the most frequently covered case by attorneys nationwide.

Legal Representation of Defendants

Based on American law, everyone has the right to a fair and timely trial. Everyone has the right to quality legal representation, and it is the job of the defense attorney to make sure that all of the supporting evidence is providing in order to make sure that the appropriate decision is made.

The most frequent criminal charge provided on a daily basis is the DUI. There are usually about 4,000 caught daily even though as many as 300,000 are estimated to actually drive under the influence on a daily basis. Every two minutes someone is hurt in a drunk driving crash, with several deaths on a daily basis as well. With this providing the greatest work for defense attorneys annually, especially around the holidays, there is much to consider when taking on a career as an attorney.

Defense lawyers also have to worry about trials including personal injury, worker’s compensation, and other issues. So many injuries may occur that are often the responsibility of the person who owns the property where the accident occurred. It is unfortunate that so much of our legal problems come from accidents or unintentional issues, but defense attorneys work to be prepared for these sort of events. While some defense cases are much more difficult than others, continual work and training are essential, while also keeping up with changes made to laws of your local area and the nation as well.