There is No “Free” Card if You Want to Get Out of Jail

Bail bonds in harris county

There is a perception of the United States, elsewhere in the world, that the U.S. is a wildly dangerous place, and that anywhere in the country might find you the victim or witness of a horrible, terrifying crime. This perception is fed by media attention to high profile crimes and by the high number of films and songs that portray that part of our society. Yes, there can be dangers in the U.S., and anywhere else for that matter. Yes, there are crimes and lengthy prison sentences. But for the most part, the crimes and offenses committed and the things that people get charged for are not as serious as is portrayed and believed elsewhere.

The surprisingly common visit to jail
What is not always depicted in the movies is the difference between prison and jail. Many more people end up making an appearance in a jail cell than those who wind up in prison. Prison is for those who have been tried and convicted of crimes, usually with substantially long sentences. Jail is run by local law enforcement and is often used to hold those who are awaiting trial, or those with short sentences. One study found that about one in every three individuals will end up getting arrested by the age of 23. It has also been found that approximately 52% of men in America will get arrested one or more times during their lives. And over the course of just one year, almost 12 million people were processed through jails throughout the country.

Jail and the bail bond service that can get you out

Whatever you did to get into jail, you are going to have to take responsibility for. Chances are you will need to show up for a court date, but if you do not want to wait for that court date in the jail cell, you are going to be grateful for the bail bond service that gives you the option to be released on bail. Bail bonds are essentially insurance policies that are set in place so that, once released, you do not take off never to be heard from again, but instead show up in court when you are supposed to. The bail bond service arranges the cost of the bond based on a fee that the bail bond agency sets and the amount for bail that the court determines.

Don’t bail on the bail bond company
Say you are released on bail, and you have the incredibly original idea to simply not show up to your court date. Not only will you be in trouble with the court, and you will most likely face the most severe punishment for your original offense, but you may be getting a visit from a bail bondsman who could end up suing you for the money that his or her company paid to ensure your presence at the court date. You would definitely be better off showing up to accept responsibility for whatever it is you did, however insignificant it may seem to you. Maybe you will learn something in the process as well.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics has seen the number of people needing bail money rising over the years. And on any day throughout the year, of all of those in a jail in the United States, about 60% are individuals who have not been convicted but are being held as the charge that landed them their is resolved. Many of those may even be waiting to get out on bail.