Three Indications That You Need a Divorce Lawyer

Getting divorced is rarely a pleasant process. Not only is it hard on the married couple, but it’s also difficult for your family, including children and grandparents. It’s smart to first learn everything you need to know about divorce and then determine if you need a divorce lawyer.

It’s possible to file for divorce without going to court in many jurisdictions, so long as you and your partner can settle things amicably. That said, unwinding finances, determining how children will be cared for, and other issues may make divorce courts necessary. Either way, it’s wise to have a divorce lawyer on your side.

By filing for divorce through legal aid, you can ensure that everything is handled properly and that you’re not getting a bad deal in the divorce. You can ask your divorce attorney for an example of a divorce agreement so you know what to expect.

If you, your partner, and your family are having trouble coming to an agreement when divorcing, you need to contact a divorce lawyer right away. Doing so will protect you, your family, and your finances. Divorce attorneys can also help you shoulder some of the burdens, making the divorce process more manageable.

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Are you looking for an affordable divorce lawyer? Sometimes the best time to talk to an affordable divorce lawyer is before the D-word has ever been mentioned between you and your spouse. The last thing you want to do is have to scramble to find an affordable divorce lawyer once your spouse has served you with the papers.

Even if you’re hoping to reconcile, or worried you won’t be able to afford even an affordable divorce lawyer, if you wait until the divorce is a sealed fate for you, your spouse might have already prepared to battle over your assets and child custody. Your best chances are to talk to a family law attorney as soon as you get the signal that your spouse might be headed down that road themselves.

Since your spouse might not be forthcoming with the cards in their hands, we’ve put together a list of indications that they might have already visited a family court lawyer with their legal questions about divorce.

  1. Changes in the way you manage money as a couple.

    If you’ve typically paid all of the bills, and your spouse suddenly has an interest in how much the car payments are, what the balance of the credit cards are, how much equity you have in your home, the balances in your retirement accounts, or so on, this is a red flag. Perhaps they want to play a more active roll in your financial management, but if any other signals we talk about below fall in line with your situation, this is more likely a sign that they are trying to gauge what the separation of your assets will look like.

    On the other side of the spectrum, let’s say that your spouse already pays the bills. If you no longer have access to look at your shared accounts or they seem to be more secretive about money, this is also a red flag. If you can’t look at your own bank accounts, it could be a sign that they’re quietly funneling money into a nest egg for your looming separation, or already making payments towards divorce attorney fees.

  2. Your parenting roles suddenly change.

    It is not unusual (especially if one of you is a stay-at-home parent) for one parent to manage the doctors appointments, parent-teacher conferences, and extracurricular activities for the children. There’s nothing wrong with the less involved parent to suddenly take an active role in the children’s upbringing; but it could be a sign that divorce is on their mind.

    If your spouse is suddenly interested in participating in the school events or medical appointments of your children (particularly if they’re excluding you), it might a way to either gain allies with your children before your impending division. It could also be a way to make a case for lower child support when you go to court. Keep this in mind and start considering a lawyer if you notice this clue.

  3. There are unexplained changes in the bedroom.

    Infidelity is the most common reason for divorce. If the your marital relations abruptly change, it’s a big reason for concern. We all get busy sometimes, especially once you have children. Sometimes life gets hectic and suddenly you ask each other, “When was the last time we…” But if you were a once or twice a week kind of couple, and suddenly your spouse doesn’t seem motivated ever, it might be a sign that they are being satisfied elsewhere. Likewise, if your spouse drastically changes the way they handle themselves in the bedroom, without explanation, it might be an indication that they’re picking up new moves from a third party.

    The fact that your spouse is potential engaging in an affair might not be a sign that they want a divorce. In fact, many extramarital relationships were never meant to be the beginning of the divorce proceedings. However, if your spouse is cheating on you, it’s a good time to talk to a divorce lawyer.

Getting a divorce is something no one wants to think about. Talking to a divorce lawyer doesn’t mean that you have to go through with it, but it could save you a world of hassle if your spouse is already thinking of it.