What are Bail Bonds?

Going to jail can be a scary prospect. The people there are not exactly the nicest people around. The food isn’t great and the living conditions are basic at best. Before you start preparing yourself for the worst, remember that you can post bail. Don’t have enough money to post bail? Then you will need to contact a bail bond company.

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In this video, you will learn about the bail bond process.

Bail bonds often have stipulations attached to them. For example, you will have to stay in the local area where the trial will be held. This is so that the bail bond agency doesn’t lose you and have to forfeit the bail. They lose money if you skip the hearing. Speaking of money, bail bond companies often charge around 10% interest on your bail amount. However, this is better than going to jail in the meantime. You obviously want to avoid jail if at all possible. It is crucial that you show up to your trial on time. If you miss your trial, you may lose more and more of your bond until it is all gone. Further, the bail bond company or police may come after you.